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WIDE ANGLE: National Geographic Greatest Places

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Encompassing all seven continents and more than a century of superb photography, this collection invites the reader to share the magic of discovery.
In 250 glorious photographs Wide Angle: National Geographic Greatest Places documents the beauty and depth of every part of the world. Delving deeply into a picture archive that houses over ten million images, with many photographs being published for the first time, this new book-the third and final in the greatest photographs series-presents the world's amazingly diverse places with epic grandeur, unparalleled intimacy, romantic beauty, and gritty realism. The photographs are landscapes, cityscapes, famous landmarks, and unfamiliar spots that reveal special qualities of geography or culture one might otherwise never see. Spanning more than eleven decades, the images in Wide Angle are divided into twelve chapters, each depicting a unique geography--including East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Polar Regions. Each chapter is introduced by award-winning cultural writer and critic Ferdinand Protzman, whose essays accent the stunning photographs by renowned National Geographic photographers. Both essays and photographs carefully examine a region's special qualities, creating unique character and its own special and unforgettable sense of place. In Wide Angle, National Geographic photographers have recorded the world's places close up, in sweeping breadth, in depth, and over time.

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Автор Ferdinand Protzman
Страници 501
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2011
Дата на получаване 11.06.2012 г.
Издателство National Geographic Society
ID на книга 50710893
ISBN 9781426208935
Категории Фотография и фотоалбуми
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