VERMEER AND HIS WORLD, 1632-1675. (Serena Cant)

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Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) is recognized as one of the foremost painters of...
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Автор Serena Cant
страници 160
Език английски
година 2009
Издателство Quercus
ID на книга 27816005
ISBN 9781849160056
Категории Албуми

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) is recognized as one of the foremost painters of the Dutch Golden Age. This period witnessed an explosion of artistic activity in which an unprecedented number of painters depicted an increasingly diverse range of subjects. Vermeer's subjects are absolutely typical of the Golden Age, yet his vision is supremely distinctive. Vermeer and his World begins with a comprehensive introduction to Vermeer and his paintings: from his early life and influences, key themes and inspirations to his artistic vision and technique. A virtual gallery presents an illustrated timeline of Vermeer's entire oeuvre in chronological order. Individual chapters showcase all 36 works attributed to Vermeer in giant size accompanied by an informative commentary on the historical context, explanations of key themes and box features on how particular paintings have influenced and inspired other works. The book also contains an envelope with ten pull-out prints of Vermeer's best-known work reproduced at actual size.
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