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While the original Big Book of Breasts was an overview of busty models of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, The Bigger Book of Breasts profiles the top models in encyclopedic form, with personal information and all-new photos, as well as the top models of today. Stars include Virginia Bell, Roberta Pedon, Hitomi Tanaka, Luna Amor, Nadine Jansen, and more.

New and Bigger Busty Beauties
An encyclopedic guide to the biggest-breasted stars past and present

The Big Book of Breasts was an immediate best seller when it debuted in 2006. Its 396 pages introduced readers to the top naturally bountiful nude models of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, amazingly mammiferous beauties including Virginia Bell, Roberta Pedon, Mary Waters, Keli Stewart and many more. The one and only complaint was that there was no biographical information on these curvaceous cuties, no lists of their magazines and films to give readers a more intimate connection.

We listened, and The Bigger Book of Breasts answers! Not only are there more pages with all new photos of your favorite big breast models of the ’50s through ’70s, there are also personal profiles for each and every one. Which model married comedian Richard Pryor? Who inspired Russ Meyer’s first film? Where are those free Mary Waters loops? And yes, Roberta Pedon is alive and well!

Further updating the “Bigger” theme, we added the 12 most incredible, natural, and provocative breast models of today, gathered from across the world by Berlin-based photographer, Bernd Daktari Lorenz. Nadine Jansen, Luna Amor, Miosotis Claribel and the incredible Hitomi Tanaka prove breasts are bigger than ever, and bigger is beautiful, for both breasts and books. Wrap it up with stunning photos of our original cover girl Kelly Madison and The Bigger Book of Breasts is a bigger treat for all.

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Автор Dian Hanson
Страници 448
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2023
Дата на получаване 6.02.2024 г.
Издателство TASCHEN
ID на книга 30168958
Поредица Bibliotheca Universalis
ISBN 9783836589581
Категории Еротика и секс 18+
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