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TATTOO. PB, “Aurum“

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Tattooing - once thought of as barbaric and the preserve of sailors - is now...
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Страници 80
Език английски
Година 2006
Дата на получаване 20.06.2007 г.
Издателство Aurum
ID на книга 23213186
ISBN 9781845131869
Категории Изкуство

Tattooing - once thought of as barbaric and the preserve of sailors - is now mainstream. Tattoos are worn today not only by celebrities and sports stars but also an increasing number of people in the street. Be it a Celtic armband, a delicate ankle butterfly, or an Eastern swirl peaking above a pair of jeans, tattoos are high fashion. Tattoo contains over 65 superb colour and black-and-white photographs specially taken for this book. Award-winning photographer Dale Durfee has persuaded a variety of people from every walk of life to show their tattoos. Here, she presents the very best examples, some in high-detail close-up and other covering the whole body in spectacular style. With amazing designs, remarkable people and some practical guidance on getting your first design, Tattoo is an inspiring and entertaining collection of body art - the ultimate celebration of one of the world's oldest forms of body celebration.
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