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19,90 лв.

For fans of Gillian McAllister and Lisa Jewell comes a powerful and haunting novel about family, secrets and murder.

Повече информация
Автор L.V. Matthews
Страници 416
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2023
Дата на получаване 18.06.2023 г.
Издателство Welbeck Publishing Group
ID на книга 20729919
ISBN 9781787399198
Категории Трилъри и криминални романи
Книги на английски език
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Is blood thicker than water?

At 5 a.m. one summer's morning, police diver Jen Harper wakes to find herself submerged in the silt of a river with no memory of how she got there.

Forty-eight hours later, she's called to dive in the same river in search of a missing woman, Claudia Franklin.

But for Jen, this is no ordinary job. Her and Claudia's families were entangled for decades – there is unresolved resentment between them, unspoken secrets.

Jen hasn't seen Claudia for twelve years now. Or has she?

`A thrillingly murky tale of tainted love and betrayal, an edge-of-the-jetty read. I dare you to jump in!' 
Janice Hallett

'Silent Waters is a brilliant, beautifully written thriller with an unusual premise and shocking twists. I loved it! Her best yet!' 
Claire Douglas

'A gripping intensity on every page that will have you racing through this book!' 
Lauren North

'Beautifully written, perfectly paced and as absorbing as the silent waters the novel describes! Had me hooked from page one to the gripping finale.'
G R Halliday

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