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The Rough Guide to Manga is the ultimate handbook offering a comprehensive...
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Автор Jason S. Yadao
Страници 280
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 16.10.2009 г.
ID на книга 20328561
ISBN 9781858285610
Категории Комикси

The Rough Guide to Manga is the ultimate handbook offering a comprehensive overview of one of the most fashionable genre's in today's popular culture. The guide features the manga story: from manga's twelfth-century roots to the rise of English-language manga with profiles of influential creators like Leiji Matsumoto and CLAMP as well as publishers to look out for. You'll find an overview of manga's unique styles, techniques and genres decoded as well as a canon of fifty must-read manga, including the iconic Astro Boy , global hits Fruits Basket and Battle Royale , plus less well-known works like Please Save My Earth . The Rough Guide to Manga demystifies unfamiliar terms and genres for newcomers whilst offering manga fans plenty of new recommendations including listings for manga magazines and websites along with a glossary of terms. Crammed with illustrations, and including a section on the anime connection, this is must-have Manga for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
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