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Put together this 1000-piece puzzle and then peek inside the lid to discover the meaning behind everything in the artwork.

You're invited to Claude Monet's residence in Giverny. Pull up a chair in the iconic yellow dining room and join Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas and other impressionists for a feast of floating water lilies. But steer clear of the kitchen! Monet's wife Alice is not happy about having ex-wife Camille's portraits all over the walls.

Did you know that the painting that inspired the entire impressionist art movement is hanging on the back wall? Or that the poster on the table is from the first Impressionist exhibition that opened in Paris in 1874? There's 23 interesting facts to discover.

Повече информация
Автор Iratxe Lopez de Munain
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2021
Дата на получаване 17.11.2023 г.
Издателство THAMES AND HUDSON Ltd.
ID на книга 21506191
ISBN 9781760761912
Категории Хоби и забавления
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