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NEW CITY: Contemporary Architecture In The City

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The first book to explore the large-scale redevelopment of the City of London since the mid-1980s. Featuring 200 specially commissioned colour photographs, this is an essential reference for tourists, architectural students and professionals, and anyone interested in modern archi...
The last 25 years or so have witnessed redevelopment in the City of London on an unprecedented scale, following the deregulation of the financial markets, the so-called Big Bang, in the mid-1980s. As the City has earned its place as a true global financial center, three-quarters of its office space have been rebuilt, and developers have taken a much more adventurous approach, commissioning such leading British and international architects as Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Jean Nouvel, and Richard Rogers.

New City is the first book to examine in depth the creation of one of the world's largest collections of cutting-edge contemporary architecture--not just the prestigious office blocks that have changed the skyline, but also the cultural institutions, retail developments, and public spaces. Following an introduction that explores the context for the rebuilding of the City, the main part of the book is divided into 12 concise walk-throughs of the major areas. Authoritatively written by a former urban planner and with all-new photography throughout, this book is an indispensable architectural guide for professionals and the public alike.

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Автор Alec Forshaw
Страници 224
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2013
Дата на получаване 8.04.2013 г.
Издателство MERRELL
ID на книга 24614598
ISBN 9781858945989
Категории Архитектура
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