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Sublime works of art that provide a deeper knowledge of one of the masters--with Leonardo and Michelangelo--of High Renaissance art, and one of the most important artists in the development of European painting.
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Автор Paul Joannides, Tom Henry
страници 384
корица твърда
Език английски
година 2013
Издателство THAMES AND HUDSON Ltd.
ID на книга 21517049
ISBN 9780500970492
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Published to accompany a major exhibition at the Museo del Prado, this book focuses on a crucial but hitherto neglected part of Raphael's oeuvre: the work he and his pupils executed in Rome during the seven years from 1513 to the artist's death in 1520. Nearly ninety works--including paintings such as Saint Cecile and Portrait of Baldassere Castiglione, as well as drawings and a tapestry--illustrate the ways in which Raphael employed a range of technical devices, many of which were highly novel and enjoyed considerable influence.

Raphael's workshop methods eventually became a model for the great artistic enterprises of the seventeenth century, notably those of Rubens, Bernini, and Pietro da Cortona.Essays by Tom Henry, Paul Joannides, Ana Gonz lez Mozo, and Bruno Mart n survey Raphael's late paintings in chronological order, explore his range of styles, and investigate the role of his workshop in the design and production of his pictures.

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