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JEWEL: The Definitive Visual Guide

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Combining stunning photographs with expert knowledge, this book is a dazzling guide to precious stones, organic gems, and precious metals.

Discover the intriguing stories of the world's most famous and fabulous gems, including the mysterious Hope Diamond, the stunning Koh-i-Noor of the Crown Jewels, and exquisite Fabergé eggs. Trace the history of gemmology, learn all about the key characteristics of precious and semi-precious stones, and discover the science behind some of their more unusual and mysterious properties.

With a foreword by antiques expert Judith Miller, co-founder of Miller's Antiques Price Guide, and a regular presenter on BBC's The Antiques Roadshow, this sumptuous celebration of gems and jewels is guaranteed to bring sparkle to both your life and your library.

Dive deep into the pages of this dazzling book on jewels to discover:

  • Hundreds of specially commissioned, spectacular photographs.
  • Intriguing features on the history of gemstones, and the fascinating real-life stories behind them.
  • Stunning photography showcases the brilliance of semi-precious and precious stones, minerals, and metals.
  • Fascinating features on the most famous (and infamous) gems, and on the history of gemmology.
  • Optional 80-page directory section

Jewel is the ultimate guide to gemstones, jewels, and jewellery - combining mineralogy with culture, history, and symbolism, and proves the perfect addition to the library of jewel lovers of any ages. Whether you're interested in gems, jewellery, and making jewellery, or a student of gemmology or geology, this gorgeous gem gift book is sure to delight.

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Автор Judith Miller
Страници 360
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2023
Дата на получаване 14.06.2024 г.
Издателство Dorling Kindersley
ID на книга 20910157
ISBN 9780241601570
Категории Изкуство
Книги на английски език
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