INTERIOR NOW. 80 of the World`s Best Interiors.

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This comprehensive collection of outstanding interior design, ranges from...
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Страници 338
Език английски
Година 2004
Дата на получаване 26.06.2006 г.
Издателство Images Publishing
ID на книга 26714467
ISBN 9781920744670
Категории Изкуство

This comprehensive collection of outstanding interior design, ranges from corporate interiors, hospitality and public spaces, to residential designs and retail projects. Each project takes into account; functionality, regional influences and environmental design principles, in order to draw together a strong sense of contemporary design and style. Featuring some of the world’s most influential architects and interior designers, ‘Interiors Now’ is presented with full colour photography and descriptive text as well as each individual firm’s contact details. Projects covered include the Finnish Embassey, Del Monte, Storey Hall, Long Island University, Ithicus College, Giorgio Armani Store, Hermes Stores and Prada. Each design will provide inspiration for all interior designers and architects, whether it be commercial or personal projects.
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