FELL. (David Clement-Davies)

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David Clement-Davies best-selling animal fantasy, The Sight , is set amongst...
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Автор David Clement-Davies
страници 520
Език английски
година 2007
Издателство Abrams
ID на книга 29529470
ISBN 9780810994706
Категории Фантастика и фентъзи

David Clement-Davies best-selling animal fantasy, The Sight , is set amongst the wolves of Transylvania. This dark epic thrilled readers and critics alike, who said this sprawling, ambitious novel has it all: action, adventure, apocalyptic battles (Children's Literature). Readers are even more passionate about the book, as told by the 130+ effusive fan reviews on amazon.com.In this equally sweeping sequel, Fell, the dark-furred twin brother to Larka, heroine of The Sight , must face life without his sister or the rest of his loving pack. He's a lone wolf now, a kerl, an outcast from his kind, who shares his sister's fatal gift for seeing the future and the thoughts of others. This gift leads him to befriend a young girl, also an outcast from her people. This time wolf and girl must fight together to free the land from a tyrannical ruler, based on the real Count Dracula. In this dark, sprawling fairy-tale, it is the wolf who saves the red girl.
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