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This title presents the high art of edible garnishes for the home kitchen that...
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Автор Hiroshi Nagashima
страници 111
Език английски
година 2009
Издателство Kodansha International
ID на книга 28843087
ISBN 9784770030870
Категории Готварство

This title presents the high art of edible garnishes for the home kitchen that will change the way you look at food and work in your kitchen. Japanese food is renowned for its elegant presentation. One of the key presentational elements are mukimono - the decorative garnish and carving - that add the final flourish to a dish. It might be a carrot round in the shape of a plum blossom. Or a scattering of cherry blossoms plucked from a radish. Or perhaps a swallow or a butterfly or a ginkgo leaf or a cluster of pine needles. Whatever it is, it will have been chosen to delight the eye and the palate with its shape, color, and taste. All the garnishes introduced in this title are edible. Sometimes they are set on top of the food. At other times they might be fashioned to hold the food. Sometimes they simply are the food. In total, 60 garnishes and food carvings for home, party, or professional use fill these pages. Each is introduced In full colour, with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, sample food arrangements, further ideas, and secret insider tips for successful presentation. Most are simple. Some require practice. A handful enter the realm of the professional, yet even those can be mastered. More important is what these culinary flourishes will bring to your kitchen and table: a new level of enjoyment and appreciation for your cooking endeavours. They will add colour and movement to your culinary repertoire. The book is full of creative suggestions and ideas for your menu to stimulate appetite and enhance and transform your way of cooking. So...Create! Eat! Enjoy! This is the very first book on this exquisite art containing garnishes for all occasions, from simple meals to banquets. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions make this book easy to use for beginners and professionals alike: all you need are typical household kitchen utensils - a sharp knife and a peeler.
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