CHARLEY`S WEB. (Joy Fielding)

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A beautiful single mother who writes a controversial column for the Palm Beach...
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Автор Joy Fielding
Страници 437
Език английски
Година 2008
Дата на получаване 19.12.2008 г.
Издателство Pocket books
ID на книга 25829046
ISBN 9781847390462
Категории Трилъри и криминални романи

A beautiful single mother who writes a controversial column for the Palm Beach Post, Charley Webb has spent years building an emotional wall against scathing critics, snooty neighbours and her disapproving family. But when she receives a letter from Jill Rohmer, a young woman serving time on death row for the murders of three small children, her wall slowly begins to crumble. Jill wants Charley to write her biography so that she can share the many hidden truths about the case that failed to surface during her trial - including the existence of a mysterious man she calls Jack. But when Charley delves into the background of this deeply troubled woman, she starts receiving anonymous letters threatening to harm her son and daughter. Jill is safely locked away - so does this mean the elusive Jack is still out there somewhere As Charley races against time to save her family, she begins to understand the value of her seemingly intrusive neighbours, friends and relatives. For this network of flawed but loving people might be her only hope of getting out alive.
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