CALCULUS KNOW-IT-ALL. (Stan Gibilisco)

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A complete, self-taught course in analysis and mathematics that enables you to...
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Автор Stan Gibilisco
страници 792
Език английски
година 2009
Издателство McGraw-Hill
ID на книга 29144931
ISBN 9780071549318
Категории Енциклопедии

A complete, self-taught course in analysis and mathematics that enables you to improve your math skills Calculus Know-It-ALL uses a reader-friendly tone and slow-paced presentation to teach all aspects of calculus. Featuring the proven pedagogy that has made Stan Gibilisco's McGraw-Hill titles so successful, the book presents easy-to-understand concepts, extensively explained exercises, multiple-choice questions & answers, and abundant self-test questions. Filled with over 250 illustrations, this great educational resource takes you step-by-step through the concept of a set and its relevance to mathematics, set notation and operations, the difference between a rational number and a real number, imaginary and complex numbers, and proving theorems by mathematical induction. You will also learn how to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers, add finite and infinite series, master techniques of differentiation and integration, and more.
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