BULGARIAN: Teach yourself. + 2 audio CDs, (M.Ho

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The 'Teach Yourself Bulgarian' Course is a complete book/CD pack for beginners...
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Автор M.Holman & M.Kovatcheva
страници 352
Език английски
година 2003
Издателство Hodder Headline
ID на книга 29240621
ISBN 9780340906217
Категории Език и литература

The 'Teach Yourself Bulgarian' Course is a complete book/CD pack for beginners in spoken and written Bulgarian. It aims to teach you to understand and use the contemporary language in a variety of typical, everyday situations. Above all, it is functional, enabling you to communicate and interact, using the language for positive, practical purposes. You are introduced to the Bulgarian alphabet right from the start of the course and there is help with both reading and writing the Cyrillic script throughout the book The course is divided into 20 carefully graded and interlocking units. Each unit is devoted to a particular topic or situation and each successive unit builds naturally on the material covered in previous units. The first half of the book is a basic grammar and thematic 'survival kit'. The emphasis here is on the present tense and on immediate situations such as those you would encounter in Bulgaria. From unit 10 you progress to learn about the other tenses and more advanced grammar. As your grammar and vocabulary increase, you will be able to make more use of the tables and lists in the Appendix at the back of the book.
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