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The Britannica Guide series launch list is an essential guide to everything you need to know about modern China.
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страници 378
Език английски
година 2008
Издателство Robinson
ID на книга 28799801
ISBN 9781845298012
Категории Нехудожествена литература

The Britannica Guide series launch list is an essential guide to everything you need to know about modern China. In 2008, as Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, the world’s attention is focused on China – yet the most populous nation on the planet is still something of a mystery for many. This comprehensive introduction to the country gives an unbiased and lively overview of China’s people, its culture and recent history. In an illuminating account of the rise of modern China, The Britannica Guide shows how this former peasant economy has been transformed in the last three decades to achieve its present position as a super-power – and the future looks set to be even more impressive. China is a country with a continuous culture stretching back 4000 years. Much of what makes the modern world started there – from gunpowder and the compass to paper and credit banking. This guide reveals those roots and the development of other innovations. It explains the differences between the Long March, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and the Four Modernizations. It looks at the key personalities – Sun Yat Sen, Mao, Deng Xiaopeng and Jiang Zemin – who transformed China into a modern state with the world’s fastest-growing economy. And it explores the diversity of culture in the contemporary nation, from calligraphy to cuisine, religion, the arts and sport. Drawing together the most up-to-date material, and presenting it in a clear, reader-friendly style, it is the perfect companion for travellers who wish to know the country beyond the tourist trail, students and business people who need an overview of the culture and society, and of course the general reader, who wants to understand China’s remarkable legacy and potent future. The Britannica Guide series offers an essential introduction to many of the key issues of our times. Clear, accurate, and meticulously researched, the series gives both the background and analysis for when you need to know for sure what is really happening in the world, whether you are an expert, student or traveller.
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