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Revealing fashion insights from the bestselling author of Harry Styles and the Clothes He Wears and Rihanna and the Clothes She Wears with elegant hardback presentation including real cloth cover. The perfect present for fans and fashionistas.

Billie Eilish is a fashion phenomenon. Her goth-skate-anime wardrobe resonates loud and clear with her generation and anyone who doesn't want to be defined. Courted by the world's biggest fashion houses, Billie has a way of spotlighting inclusivity, body image, environmental issues and more, while always looking awesome. In the latest addition to this popular series, fashion writer Terry Newman casts her eye over a young megastar with oversized clothes and an even bigger attitude. When Billie Eilish burst onto the music scene aged just 14, her outfits told everyone who she was before they'd downloaded a track. She was savage and brooding. Her clothes were large and matched her attitude. Her wardrobe was made up of labels that speak the language of Gen Z and everyone who doesn't want to be defined by others.

Growing up hasn't changed a thing – though she now has the command of fashion houses the world over. As such, Billie often mixes and matches Chanel, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons and Prada with finds from Slumpy Kev, Skoot, The Incorporated and Freak City, and the result is beyond the realms of meta-modernism. It's a look that might very well bite the hand that feeds it, but Eilish doesn't care. She wears what she likes when she likes. And we're here for it.

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Автор Terry Newman
Страници 160
Корица твърда
Език английски
Година 2023
Дата на получаване 17.11.2023 г.
Издателство Antique Collectors Club
ID на книга 71214229
ISBN 9781788842297
Категории Мода
Книги на английски език
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