ACCOUNTING, 6th Edition. (Peter J. Eisen)

ACCOUNTING, 6th Edition. (Peter J. Eisen)

страници: 480
корица: мека
език: английски
година: 2013
издателство: BARRON`S
Код на книгата: 22590138
ISBN: 9781438001388

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Author Peter J. Eisen familiarises students with key accounting terms, explains the accounting equation, and goes on to instruct in the use and preparation of financial statements, the recording of business transactions in journals, and in closing and adjusting entries at the end of a business period.

The book is organised to closely follow a standard college textbook, but concentrates on student understanding of what is done, and, more importantly, how and why. Other helpful features include review questions, computational problems with complete detailed solutions, an extensive glossary of accounting terms, and more. New features in this edition include instruction in the use of spreadsheets to solve many accounting problems, a more detailed explanation of accounting data procedures as internal controls designed to safeguard assets, and extensive commentary on business ethics