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From Ernest Hemingway's Preface: 'There are many kinds of stories in this book....
From Ernest Hemingway's Preface: 'There are many kinds of stories in this book. I hope you will find some that you like - In going where you have to go, and doing what you have to do, and seeing what you have to see, you dull and blunt the instrument you write with. But I would rather have it bent and dulled and know I had to put it on the grindstone and hammer it into shape and put a whetstone to it, and know that I had something to write about, than to have it bright and shining, and nothing to say, or smooth and well-oiled in the closet, but unused.' This is a collection of Hemingway's first forty-nine short stories, featuring a brief introduction by the author and lesser known as well as familiar tales, including Up in Michigan , Fifty Grand , and The Light of the World , and the Snows of Kilimanjaro , Winner Take Nothing and Men Without Women collections.

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Автор E.Hemingway
Страници 467
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2004
Дата на получаване 10.03.2005 г.
Издателство Arrow books
ID на книга 22323921
ISBN 9780099339212
Категории Други
Книги на английски език
Bestsellers 2020
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