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19,90 лв.

Can they break the habits of a lifetime and give their spark a chance?

Tara Chen has had her heart broken ten times, by ten different men. Nevertheless, she is still determined to find her perfect match. The only problem? Tara is a romance novel obsessive, and her standards are sky high.

Modern dating apps have killed the meet-cute, so Tara decides to revisit her exes - all ten of them - in the hope of finding her very own trope-worthy second-chance romance. And every heroine needs a sidekick, so she enlists her new flatmate, firefighter Trevor.

Trevor Metcalfe is the first to rush into a burning building but the last to rush into a relationship. Love just isn't his thing. But, the more time they spend together, the more Trevor appreciates Tara's authentic, dramatic self.

"Unapologetically romantic, wonderfully sexy, always brilliant" ~ Ali Hazelwood

"The perfect book to lift your spirits" ~ Beth O'Leary "Sparkles with Amy's signature sweetness and steam" ~ Carley Fortune, Every Summer After

"An outright, unmitigated delight" ~ Christina Lauren, The Unhoneymooners

"Every rom-com reader's dream" ~ Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, The Roughest Draft

"The tension is chef's kiss!" ~ Sarah Adams, When in Rome

"Sexy and sweet with a pitch-perfect slow burn romance" ~ Catherine Walsh, Holiday Romance

"A perfect mix of relatable characters, hilarious banter and steam" ~ Lily Chu, The Stand-In

"Delicious, funny and emotional" ~ Cressida McLauchlin, The Cornish Cream Tea Bookshop

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Автор Amy Lea
Страници 400
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2023
Дата на получаване 21.01.2023 г.
ID на книга 20329754
ISBN 9780241997543
Категории Любовни романи
Книги на английски език
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