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WOMEN IN LOVE. “W-th classics“ (D.H. Lawrence)

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Women in Love is, however, a profound response to a whole cultural...
Women in Love is, however, a profound response to a whole cultural crisis. The 'progress' of the modern industrialised world had led to the carnage of the First World War. What, then, did it mean to call ourselves 'human' On what grounds could we place ourselves above and beyond the animal world What are the definitive forms of our relationships - love, marriage, family, friendship - really worth And how might they be otherwise Without directly referring to the war, Women in Love explores these questions with restless energy. As a sequel to The Rainbow, the novel develops experimental techniques which made Lawrence one of the most important writers of the Modernist movement.

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Автор D.H. Lawrence
Страници 432
Език английски
Година 1999
Дата на получаване 9.12.2005 г.
Издателство WORDSWORTH
ID на книга 20226007
ISBN 9781853260070
Категории Световна класика
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