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"The forecast predicts a 100% chance of heartfelt rom-com charm" ~ Kirkus Reviews

Ari Abrams loves working as a TV meteorologist. But unfortunately, her boss is so busy fighting with her ex - who happens to be the station's news director - that there's always a storm brewing inside the newsroom! So after a particularly explosive showdown, Ari and shy sports reporter Russell hatch a plan to get their bosses back together, fast . . . As they work to help the sparring exes fall back in love, Ari finds herself telling Russell things that she has always kept hidden - and soon realises there's more to her quiet colleague than meets the eye.

It seems like love might have been in front of Ari all along. But will Russell be able to embrace her dark clouds, as well as her clear skies?

"My forecast: read it, and you'll be on cloud nine" ~ Ali Hazelwood, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis

"A sexy storm of a book" ~ Sophie Cousens

"Cosy, comforting, thought provoking, it'll make you feel warm from the inside out" ~ Jasmine Guillory, New York Times bestselling author of While We Were Dating

"A tender, hilarious, and heartfelt love story you'll read in one sitting!" ~ Tessa Bailey, New York Times bestselling author of It Happened One Summer

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Автор Rachel Lynn Solomon
Страници 352
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2022
Дата на получаване 3.12.2022 г.
ID на книга 20325472
ISBN 9781405954723
Категории Любовни романи
Книги на английски език
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