TRAINS: The Early Years. “Gettyimages“, “Koneman

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Trains - The Early Years offers an original view of the first century or so of...
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Страници 344
Език английски
Година 2001
Дата на получаване 6.03.2008 г.
Издателство Ullmann&Konemann
ID на книга 21701355
ISBN 9783833113550
Категории Транспорт

Trains - The Early Years offers an original view of the first century or so of railways and trains, reflecting the early influence of Stephenson's Rocket in England, through two world wars, prosperity, depression, resistance and acceptance to the middle of the 20th century. Railways arrived only a decade or so before the camera, and have been captured in pictures throughout their history. This means of transport was pioneered and developed in Britain and so the greatest British photo archive, Getty Images , has a remarkable collection of photographs of trains both from this country and around the world. Beverley Cole has drawn on these to illustrate their story from the early Victorian days of broad gauge and engine funnels like the tall top hats of the period, through the heyday of steam in the late 19th century, the threats and challenges of two world wars and from road transport, to the era of diesel and high-tech electric. Here are spectacular line-side photos of powerful engines in action in some of the most desolate and arresting landscapes, as well as scenes in crowed stations, bustling cities and locomotive works.
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