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Learn how to get home, get out of trouble, and get a wound bandaged up in the middle of nowhere
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Автор T. Edward Nickens
Страници 256
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2014
Дата на получаване 2.04.2016 г.
Издателство Weldon Owen
ID на книга 51448807
ISBN 9781616288075
Категории Енциклопедии

What makes someone a total outdoorsman? It s a mix of know-how, enthusiasm, experience and having the right tools. In this follow-up to the top-selling Total Outdoorsman Manual author T. Edward Nickens returns with another 300+ hints on how to get the most from your hunting, fishing, and camping trips . . . and how to survive if something goes wrong. HUNT BETTER Whether you ve got a longbow, the latest AR, or your granddad s deer rifle, here s the definitive guide to the tools and skills you need for deer, waterfowl, small game, and more. FISH SMARTER From customizing the perfect fly rod to deepwater trolling to paddling a canoe by yourself, these tips will help you come up with fish not excuses. CAMP ANYWHERE What do you really need to bring along to sleep comfortably, keep away varmints, set up an amazing camp kitchen, and handle on-the-spot butchering? Eddie knows, and shares in detail. SURVIVE ANYTHING Trapped in the snow? Face-to-face with an angry grizzly? Learn how to get home, get out of trouble, and get a wound bandaged up in the middle of nowhere. These are the skills that can save your life, and the tools that will get you out of any wilderness situation safely.
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