THE SACRED SEX BIBLE: A Guide To Sex And Spirit

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Explore the history, myths and rituals of sacred sex over the millennia and in the bedroom today. Tantra expert and couples therapist Cassandra Lorius reveals inspiring practices to enhance your sex life and relationship.
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Автор Cassandra Lorius
страници 400
корица мека
Език английски
година 2011
Издателство A Godsfield Book
ID на книга 24568140
ISBN 9781841814070
Категории Еротика и секс 18+
The Sacred Sex Bible is a comprehensive illustrated guide to sex and spirituality, which looks at historical and cultural currents in sexuality and the influence of both Western and Eastern traditions. From pagan rites to neo-Tantra (Tantra in the West) there are examples of sexual practice and rituals, along with exercises on breathing and visualization as pathways to sacred sex, or blissful union with the divine.
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