STRASBOURG. “Marco Polo City Map“

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Let the Marco Polo city map of Strasbourg guide you around this awe-inspiring city.
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Език английски
Година 2017
Дата на получаване 18.03.2017 г.
Издателство MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG
ID на книга 22336978
ISBN 9783829769785
Категории Карти и атласи

Marco Polo Strasbourg City Map: the ideal map for your trip

Let the Marco Polo city map of Strasbourg guide you around this awe-inspiring city. Highly durable and waterproof, this handy, pocket-size Strasbourg map folds away easily and is always on standby to help when you're stuck.

  • Laminated finish - waterproof, durable and tear-resistant. This hard-wearing, little pocket map of Strasbourg will withstand lots of folding and refolding.
  • Pocket format - the handy, light-weight, pocket-size format contains huge coverage of Strasbourg.
  • Easy to use - the super clear mapping in strong colours and clear text will help you navigate the city like a local.
  • Public transport maps - Strasbourg is a wonderful city to navigate on foot but if your feet have had enough then look no further than the easy reference Strasbourg transport map which is also included.
  • Detailed scale - the scale is 1 : 15 000 showing you even the smallest of streets.
  • Practical tourist information - Marco Polo's favourite top 10 sights are highlighted and cross-referenced to the map for ease of use.
  • Theatres, concert halls, shopping destinations, museums, art galleries, churches and parks are also listed and cross-referenced.
  • Ideal for short break, fly-drive and package holidays.
  • Extensive street index.
  • Coverage - this is a detailed street map of Strasbourg covering from Bischheim in the north of the city to Illkirch-Graffenstaden in the south, east to the Rhine and west just beyond Lingolsheim. The dense streets of central Strasbourg are also featured on a separate, blown up, detail map to help you navigate with ease.

Trust Marco Polo's super clear mapping and thorough street index to guide you around the wonderful city of Strasbourg.

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