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16,90 лв.
What makes a father violent It takes a brave man to find out ...As a volunteer...
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Автор Afsaneh Knight
Страници 368
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 25.04.2009 г.
Издателство BLACK SWAN
ID на книга 22327465
ISBN 9780552774659
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What makes a father violent It takes a brave man to find out ...As a volunteer at St Margaret's Hospice, eager and helpful Meryl is looking for a role in life. The arrival of Jamie, the son of a patient, may be just what she is after. He is good-looking, young and, above all, troubled. Jamie's father has only a few days to live, but between father and son is a lifetime of misunderstanding and unhappiness. Could the most powerful legacy Jamie faces be an inability to love With well-meaning Meryl hovering in the background, Jamie embarks on his long dark night of the soul, facing the secrets, lies and heartbreaks behind his father's life. Meanwhile his dying father, seemingly unconscious to it all, relives his extraordinary history, from the triumphs of his life as a boxer, to the onset of a crippling illness he doesn't understand. And in the quiet of the night, he receives strange visitors of his own...
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