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SHARKS: The Wildlife Collection

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These publications take a look at a variety of wildlife and uncover all their secrets; from habitats to anatomy, feeding and long term survival, rearing their young, and everything in between. Presented in a high-quality gift pack with a beautifully designed book, and 6 free 10 x...
We have a fascinating love-hate relationship with sharks; thanks to scary movies and our knowledge of how remarkable they are as a species and top predator in the ocean's natural food chain. Experts established in the 20th century that Sharks were prevalent in the world's oceans more than 350 million years ago. Many of the different species are medium-sized and reach around five to seven feet long. Some Sharks are fairly rare, for example the Great White, while others are common like the Bull Shark. Many are torpedo-like in shape. Unlike other fish, the shark has no bones or scales but his skeleton is made of cartilage and is covered in sharp, tooth like scales called denticles. Those over six feet should be considered a relative danger; however Sharks often receive unfair publicity. They are not quite the 'man-eater' that many believe them to be. Some Sharks in the 21st century are critically endangered and this publication explores these, as well as the other species, which make up the 30 families of these impressive ocean creatures. Presented in a high-quality gift pack with a beautifully designed book and 6 free 10 x 8 prints.

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Страници 64
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2014
Дата на получаване 14.09.2014 г.
Издателство Park Lane Books
ID на книга 20746985
ISBN 9781906969851
Категории Енциклопедии
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