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"Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!"

Eker does this by identifying your "money and success blueprint." We all have a personal money blueprint ingrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. You can know everything about marketing, sales, negotiations, stocks, real estate, and the world of finance, but if your money blueprint is not set for a high level of success, you will never have a lot of money—and if somehow you do, you will most likely lose it! The good news is that now you can actually reset your money blueprint to create natural and automatic success.

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Автор T.Harv Eker
Страници 210
Език английски
Година 2007
Дата на получаване 11.06.2008 г.
Издателство HARPER
ID на книга 20463645
ISBN 9780061336454
Категории Медицина

The book is in two parts. Part I explains how each person is conditioned to think and act when it comes to money, and outline four key strategies for revising our mental money blueprint. In Part II, the author examines the differences between how rich, middle-class, and poor people think, offering seventeen attitudes and actions to take that will lead to permanent changes in a person's financial life. Throughout the book there are examples of the thousands of letters and e-mails the author has received from students who have attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar and achieved powerful results in their lives

“T. Harv Eker is a master at making the road to riches simple. Finally, his powerful principles are available in this amazing book.” —Marci Shimoff, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“Harv Eker is one of the most extraordinary trainers in the world today! Harv’s experiential techniques are transformational, and he creates amazing results every time he speaks!” —Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator, Chicken Soup for the Soul ® , more than 70 million sold; coauthor, The One Minute Millionaire


T. HARV EKER Went from zero to millionaire in only two and a half years, relying on his “cut-to the-chase” style. He is president of Peak Potentials Training, one of the fastest growing success training companies in North America. People from all over the world attend his sold-out seminars, where crowds often exceed 2,000 people for a weekend program. So far, Eker’s teachings have touched the lives of more than a quarter million people.

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