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The sport of fishing includes the experience of nature and technical challenges...
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страници 304
Език английски
година 2005
Издателство Ullmann&Konemann
ID на книга 21701455
ISBN 9783833114557
Категории Лов и риболов

The sport of fishing includes the experience of nature and technical challenges at the same time. This fascinating combination - and of course the prospect of bringing home a great catch - makes it so popular the world over. For everyone who already shares this passion or those who would like to experience it for the first time, The Practical Guide to Fishing is the ideal handbook. It systematically introduces all the important species of fish, along with the most successful angling techniques and bait. Whether you favor ledgering, spin fishing or fly fishing, all the suitable methods aredescribed here. Also included are tips for identifying ideal fishing spots, recommended ground bait, selection of tackle and what equipment you need to get started.In addition to fishing inland waters, special attention is devoted to the particular challenges of angling at sea and in various regions of Europe. Consideration of the most coveted fishing destinations in France, Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia as well as Canada, Alaska and Russia round off this volume and make it the universal handbook for every fishing fan.
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