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MODERN ARTILLERY: 300 Artillery Pieces

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Mini Encyclopedia: Modern Artillery brings together 300 of the most important examples of artillery used or designed between 1900 and the year 2000.

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Автор Ian V Hogg
Страници 320
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2016
Дата на получаване 26.11.2022 г.
Издателство Amber books
ID на книга 20846191
ISBN 9781838861919
Категории Въоръжение и военна техника

Beginning with the guns that pounded the trenches in World War I, the book details all the major forms of artillery in service throughout the century. From handheld anti-tank devices, anti-aircraft guns, and field pieces of World War II to the recent tactical and strategic missiles, Modern Artillery provides a wide survey of the development and use of artillery, with the entries conveniently placed into categories for easy reference. Each artillery piece featured is illustrated by a full-color artwork and accompanied by a detailed specifications table giving the country of origin and technical details of the weapon, including where appropriate the caliber, elevation, muzzle velocity, traverse, and range, all measurements being provided in imperial and metric. Each entry also contains text summarizing the weapon's development and service history.

One of the world's leading experts on small arms, artillery systems, ammunition, and defense systems in general, Ian V. Hogg is the author of The Big Guns 1939–45: A History of Artillery and Military Small Arms of the 20th Century.
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