LEONARDO`S NOTEBOOKS: Writing and Art of the Gre

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Now in an all new format for this international bestseller Leonardo's Notebooks pairs the great master's most important writings with more than 1,000 sketches, drawings and watercolours in this beautiful and dynamic work.
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страници 448
корица мека
Език английски
година 2013
Издателство Black Dog & Leventhal
ID на книга 29512946
ISBN 9781579129460
Категории Живопис и скулптура

The award-winning and bestselling collection of the exquisite, annotated notebooks of Leonardo now in paperback. Culled from more than 7,000 pages of sketches and writings found in various rare books, papers, and other resources throughout the world, Leonardo's Notebooks presents, for the first time, an exhaustive collection of the insights and brilliance of perhaps the finest mind the world has ever known.

H. Anna Suh selected the most fascinating of these studies, penned in the mid-15th century, and compiled them into one monumental volume that showcases Leonardo's observations and clearly illustrates them with more than 1,000 of his original sketches and exquisite line drawings. These elegant studies are of myriad topics, such as the nature of water, light and shade, perspective, philosophy, botany, astronomy, the proportions of the human figure, and many other subjects. The artwork has been carefully arranged with the text to augment and illuminate Leonardo's writings. In addition, his handwritten notes and fascinating marginalia are deciphered and translated.

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