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Do you have dreams that inspire you? And goals that you haven't achieved but don't know why? Are you feeling blocked, lacking self-belief but ready to make a change to your mindset? Then manifesting is for you.
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Автор Gill Thackray
Страници 128
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2022
Дата на получаване 22.10.2022 г.
Издателство Michael O`Mara Books Ltd
ID на книга 29969445
ISBN 9781789294453
Категории Самопомощ и личностно развитие

Manifesting has been practised by ancient wisdom traditions around the world for thousands of years. When you manifest you begin to invite the law of attraction into your life.

Gill Thackray, mindfulness teacher, coach and psychologist, brings together the essential tools you will need to make meaningful change in your life. Gill will guide you through the simple steps to help you discover your true self and to reach your potential. From setting your intention and creating your vision to developing your manifesting mindset and connecting with the universe, as well as learning the 369 method, finding your power animal, the importance of full moon rituals, balancing your chakras, cultivating gratitude and much more, this little book will show how to manifest your dreams and help you to live your life to the full. Whether you are looking for a career change, to find love, peace or happiness, How to Manifest is the secret to your success.

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