GARDENS AROUND THE WORLD : 365 Days. (Mick Hales

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Renowned garden photographer Mick Hales has traveled around the globe to...
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Автор Mick Hales
страници 740
Език английски
година 2004
Издателство Abrams
ID на книга 29504980
ISBN 9780810949805
Категории Дом и градина

Renowned garden photographer Mick Hales has traveled around the globe to capture some of the greatest gardens in the world. Large and small, elaborate and intimate, public and private, tropical, subtropical, and temperate, all manner of gardens are featured in this lavish book filled with spectacular photographs. Designed in the same format as the best-selling Earth From Above: 365 Days, the book shows these magnificent gardens to their best advantage, capturing all their texture, color, and light in beautiful reproductions. More than 150 gardens in the U.S. and Canada; Mexico, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic; England, Ireland, and Northern Ireland; France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal; and India, Sri Lanka, Bali, and China make their appearance here, accompanied by informative texts by the photographer himself. Hales is a wonderful guide, offering not only the basics of location, ownership, and design of each garden but also valuable insights that will add to the viewer's interest and pleasure. Perfect for gardeners, photography enthusiasts, and armchair travelers alike, this splendid volume will make an ideal gift.
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