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A revised and updated version of Ferrari, a singular experience of the make of car that has conquered, and continues to conquer, the realm of automobile enthusiasts.
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Автор Hartmut Lehbrink, Jochen Von Osterroth, RAINER W. SCHLEGELMILCH
Страници 400
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2010
Дата на получаване 23.06.2010 г.
Издателство Ullmann&Konemann
ID на книга 21705476
ISBN 9783833154768
Категории Автомобилизъм

It all began in Maranello, a small town south of Modena, Italy, where Enzo Ferrari created a make of car that would conquer the realm of automobile enthusiasts for a long time to come. A love of Ferrari lasts a lifetime: anyone who has entered the magic triangle of power, speed, and beauty under the sign of the prancing horse remains captivated. The aim of this updated edition is to convey a little of its allure to the reader and the viewer, and to introduce the most recent luxury cars of the family, like the 599 GTB or the nostalgic California, inspired by a model of the 1950s and 1960s. The Lehbrink von-Osterroth Schlegelmilch team pairs with the competence of accomplished motor sport journalists with a kindred view through the lens of a camera. This makes Ferrari a singular experience, both in terms of content and visual appeal. More than 500 illustrations and impressive photography convey unforgettable insight into the fascination of Ferrari - suspended between technology, sport and passion.
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