DEVOTIONS: Wisdom from the Cradle of Civilisatio

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Devotions: Wisdom from the Cradle of Civilizationis the sixth installment in...
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Автор Olivier Follmi and Danielle Follmi
страници 750
Език английски
година 2008
Издателство Abrams
ID на книга 29577113
ISBN 9780810971134
Категории Християнство

Devotions: Wisdom from the Cradle of Civilizationis the sixth installment in Danielle and Olivier Follmi's project Offerings for Humanity, which spans the world's cultures and traditions. In this new volume, the authors have traveled the Middle East and captured images from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other places. As in the other books, each photograph is accompanied by a quote for each day of the year. Devotionspresents not only religious quotes taken from the Koran, the Hebraic tradition, and Eastern Christianity, but also from noted authors such as the Sufi poet and jurist Rumi, the Persian writer and mathematician Omar Khayyam, and the Lebanese-American artist Khalil Gibran. A daily dose of wisdom coupled with breathtaking photography,Devotionsallows readers to move a little closer to the heart of the wisdom found in the Cradle of Civilization.
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