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CRYSTALS: Complete Healing Energy for Spiritual Seekers

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Access the healing energy of 200 crystals and harness their power to unlock your true potential and turn your every dream and desire into reality with this new go-to guide to crystals!

Access the healing energy of 200 crystals and harness their power to unlock your true potential and turn your every dream and desire into reality with this new go-to guide to crystals!

Discover the powerful properties of crystals and connect with their spell-binding energy to activate and charge the magical energy that surrounds you, to enrich your life with everything your heart desires. Find out which crystals hold the key to your optimum health, happiness, and harmony whilst connecting with their energy to clear and focus your mind and bring positive vibrations, self-knowledge, healing, and talismanic guidance into your every day.

Unlock their power to cleanse the energy in your home, bring clarity and focus to your work, and enhance connection in your relationships.

Proving the ideal crystal book for beginners, dive in and you'll find:

-A full directory of 200 crystals, alongside practical information about what they bring to your life and how to use them on their own and in combination.
-Tells readers how to source crystals ethically.
-Feature spreads show how the energetic properties of crystals can enhance wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, bathing, massage, breathwork, and reiki to address specific needs and enrich life.
-Includes a guide to choosing and caring for your crystals, and how to charge them using natural sources.

New to crystals and don't know where to begin? Don't worry, DK has got you covered!

Crystals vibrate with their magic, and need you to translate their iridescent vibrations into real life through active magic. This crystal healing bible by Sadie Kadlec will open your eyes to the powerful world of crystals, where you can learn how to choose crystals, by letting the crystal choose you, and use them as a part of your daily routine to promote harmony, empowerment, and well-being. Create stunning crystal grids with ease and invite crystals into your wellness practices- meditation, yoga, massage, in the bath - to bring a deeper layer of positive energy into your self care.

This beautiful, practical book, featuring layered profiles of 200 of the most important crystals, will show you everything you need to know about how to use crystals in the modern age and take charge of each day with intention. A must-have volume for seasoned crystal users alongside those new to the magical world of crystals. This modern guide to using crystals is centered on well-being, self-care and positivity.

Let DK open your eyes to the spiritual world of crystal healing, and tap into the rhythms and infinite power of your potential, providing a platform for self-care and self-discovery. A must-have volume for budding witches, this crystal bible is the perfect gift for those seeking to discover the mystical methods of manifestation; fans of astrology, or simply those who wish to connect more to the natural world.

Now go out there and make magic!

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Автор Sadie Kadlec
Страници 256
Корица мека
Език английски
Година 2022
Дата на получаване 9.04.2022 г.
Издателство Dorling Kindersley
ID на книга 20960644
ISBN 9780241506448
Категории Парапсихология и феномени
Книги на английски език
DK bestsellers
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