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Excel on your PC and learn to use it like an expert. Find your way around your...
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Страници 512
Език английски
Година 2007
Дата на получаване 18.11.2009 г.
Издателство Dorling Kindersley
ID на книга 20982547
ISBN 9781405325479
Категории Компютри и графичен дизайн

Excel on your PC and learn to use it like an expert. Find your way around your PC with this easy-to-follow guide. Follow screen-grabs and simple step-by-step tutorials and learn to use a wide range of programmes including Windows Vista. Pick up the essentials from managing files, creating spreadsheets, exploring the internet and email, to installing and using peripherals. This title includes a troubleshooting section addressing common problems, plus advice on choosing and purchasing software and hardware so you can kit yourself out properly. Switch on, turn over and you'll be an expert in no time. Easy to follow, jargon-free, and comprehensive illustrated guide to using Windows Vista - a must-have for all PC users who want to get the most out of their computer. All-new features include Downloading Photos, Instant Messaging, Working with Text, and Managing Your Music.
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