BLINK: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. (

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Intuition is not some magical and mysterious property that arises unbi dden...
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Автор Malcolm Gladwell
страници 287
Език английски
година 2005
Издателство Little, Brown and Company
ID на книга 29365790
ISBN 9780316057905
Категории Популярна и приложна психология

Intuition is not some magical and mysterious property that arises unbi dden from the depths of our mind. It is a product of long hours and in telligent design, of meaningful work enviroments and particular rules and principles. For too long we have thought of intuition as a kind of black box at the very core of who we are and why we act the way we do . This book shows us how we can hone our instinctive ability to know i n an instant, helping us to bring out the best in our thinking and bec ome better decision-makers in our homes, offices and in everyday life. Just as he did with his revolutionary theory of the tipping point, Gl adwell reveals how the power of blink' could fundamentally transform o ur relationships, the way we consume, create and communicate, how we r un our businesses and even our societies.You'll never think about thin king in the same way again.
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