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This book offers creative ideas for outdoor eating with more than 400 sizzling...
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This book offers creative ideas for outdoor eating with more than 400 sizzling barbecue and succulent salad recipes. It features mouthwatering dishes for all tastes, from savoury and sweet barbecue recipes and new ideas for salads and accompaniments, to imaginative salsas, dips and flavoursome marinades. It is an inspiration for every occasion, from an impromptu gathering of friends to a large-scale party. It provides essential information about types of barbecues and fuels, safety advice, and cooking timings as well as tips on packing, storing and transporting food to ensure pleasurable, fuss-free, outdoor eating. Barbecues are great fun and provide the opportunity to enjoy wonderful food in beautiful, relaxing surroundings: with their focus on fresh ingredients and fuss-free preparation, barbecue and salad recipes are perfect for outdoor eating. This book contains more than 400 delicious reasons to eat al fresco, with sizzling grills and savory and sweet salads from around the world. Tempt your taste buds with Potato Skins with Cajun Dip, Pork and Pineapple Satay and refreshing Spanish Salad with Capers and Olives. Complete the feast with Spiced Pear and Blueberry Parcels or cooling fruit creations like Jamaican Fruit Trifle. As well as these irresistible recipes, the book is packed with advice on choosing the best barbecue and fuel, how to cook in complete safety, and tips on preparing, storing and transporting food and equipment so that you can relax and enjoy the event. With all this information and so many recipes to choose from, Barbecues and Salads is the essential guide for all lovers of fresh, exciting food cooked and eaten outside in the company of friends.
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