501 GREAT WRITERS: A Comprehensive Guide to the

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501 Great Writers is a one-stop guide to the men and women who have written the...
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Автор Julian Patrick
страници 640
Език английски
година 2009
Издателство Apple
ID на книга 29613310
ISBN 9781845433109
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501 Great Writers is a one-stop guide to the men and women who have written the greatest books of all time, from classic fiction to science ficton, and from cutting edge plays to thought-provoking essays. It provides an informal history of the written word, as seen through its leading practitioners, and a critical assessment of their standing in the canon of world literature. Serious students of literature will find a wealth of fascinating information about the authors who have shaped the course of fiction, poetry and philosophical thought over the centuries. Equally, non-specialist readers will find this book an accessible introduction to the greatest writers of all time and are bound to discover more about their favourite writers and their works. Each entry features a comprehensive biography, an assessment of the writer's literary innovations and cultural impact, a bibliography with recommended books highlighted, and fascinating images of the author and their books. About the General Editor Educated at Toronto and Yale, Julian Patrick, professor of English and Comperative Literature at the University of Toronto, has edited books on Ben Jonson and on literary theory, and has published articles on literature from Shakespeare to Auden and psychoanalysis.
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