UNDERWATER EDEN: 365 Days. (Jeffrey L. Rotman)

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With a focus on coral reefs,Underwater Edenilluminates the fantastic colors,...
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Автор Jeffrey L. Rotman
страници 740
Език английски
година 2007
Издателство Abrams
ID на книга 29549311
ISBN 9780810993112
Категории Енциклопедии

With a focus on coral reefs,Underwater Edenilluminates the fantastic colors, array of textures, and countless bizarre shapes and forms of undersea life. Beneath the surface of the worlds most exotic seas and oceansfrom the Red Sea and the coast of Costa Rica to the Great Barrier Reef and Palau Islandslie spectacularly diverse ecosystems that only a privileged few have had the opportunity to view up close and in person. Jeffrey Rotman has spent more than thirty years diving in these waters to capture their breathtaking beauty and the stunning richness and variety of the creatures that inhabit them. . The books extended captions are written by Rotman and contain scientific facts and trivia interspersed with personal anecdotes and insights gained from decades of observation.Underwater Edengrants readers 365 days of unprecedented access into a strange and captivating world.
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