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What is the long-term nature of American foreign policy This new book refutes...
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Автор David Sylvan, Stephen Majeski
страници 337
Език английски
година 2009
Издателство Taylor & Francis Group
ID на книга 29170135
ISBN 9780415701358
Категории Политика

What is the long-term nature of American foreign policy This new book refutes the claim that it has varied considerably across time and space, arguing that key policy goals and underlying ideological and political factors have not significantly changed over the last hundred years.Closely examining US foreign policy, past and present, David Sylvan and Stephen Majeski draw on a wealth of historical and contemporary cases to show how the US has had a 'client state' empire for at least a century. They clearly illustrate how much of American policy revolves around acquiring clients, maintaining clients and engaging in hostile policies against countries deemed to threaten them, representing a peculiarly American form of imperialism. They also reveal how this empire informs apparently disparate activities in different geographical regions and operates via a broad range of policy instruments, showing predictable volatility in the use of these instruments.With a broad range of cases from US policy in the Caribbean and Central America after the Spanish-American War, to the origins of NATO, to military interventions in South Vietnam, Kosovo and Iraq, this important book will be of great interest to students and researchers of US foreign policy, security studies, history and international relations.
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