THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. “Oxford Children`s Clas

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15,90 лв.
A brief, simplified retelling of the episode in The Wind in the Willows during which Mole meets Rat, who takes him for a row down the river for a picnic and introduces him to many other animals there.
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Автор Kenneth Grahame
страници 224
корица твърда
Език английски
година 2008
ID на книга 21452815
ISBN 9780192728159
Категории Преводна детска литература
If you love a good story, then look no further. Oxford Children's Classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. They're books to treasure and return to again and again. When Mole takes a break from his cleaning and wanders down to the river bank, he meets the Water Rat and a friendship is instantly formed. The two, together with Badger, spend a glorious summer messing about on the river, picnicking on the bank, and taking life easy. But when their hapless friend Toad gets into a spot of bother they dash to his aid. Soon the four friends are fighting to save Toad Hall from the dastardly stoats and weasels.
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