SURFING: A Beginner`s Guide. (Alf Alderson), 2nd

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Surfing: A Beginner's Manual is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning...
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Автор Alf Alderson
Страници 170
Език английски
Година 2008
Дата на получаване 3.07.2009 г.
Издателство Wiley
ID на книга 26061654
ISBN 9780470516546
Категории Спорт

Surfing: A Beginner's Manual is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning to surf. Alf Alderson takes you through all the vital steps to becoming a surfer: you will learn where to surf, when to surf and how to surf safely. You will learn the foundations such as choosing the correct equipment, which is essential to make any progress as a beginner; pre-surf preparation, including getting fit with tips and advice; and your first surfer steps on the beach and in the ocean. All these stages lead up to you catching your very first wave and catching the surfing bug. The sea is renowned for its beauty, but infamous for its dangers. Alf provides you with transferable skills to safely enjoy your new hobby. Safety features heavily in the book, and you will learn all the basic common-sense aspects of surfing that even the most experienced surfer forgets.The revised and updated edition will now feature sequential colour photographs of professional surfers. Green conscious surfers will love the updated Green Seas section, which will feature updated organizations and discusses potential impact of global warming/rising sea levels on surfing in the future. A larger Appendix will also be added with more web-based information that is vital for any beginner.
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