SECRET SYMBOL_THE. (Peter Blackstock)

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The hidden world of Freemasonry, with its vows of secrecy, mysterious rituals...
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Автор Peter Blackstock
Страници 265
Език английски
Година 2009
Дата на получаване 10.12.2009 г.
Издателство Profile books
ID на книга 22368373
ISBN 9781846683732
Категории Уфология

The hidden world of Freemasonry, with its vows of secrecy, mysterious rituals and aura of conspiracy, has gripped the public imagination since the first lodge of English Masonry was consecrated in 1717. Publication of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, in which Freemasonry plays a major part, will prompt massive public interest in the subject. The Secret Symbol provides a timely and invaluable insight into the mysteries of the Masons, using a rich selection of original documents, some obscure and overlooked, others notorious but seldom seen. Crucial texts uncover Freemasonry's hidden links to the early history of the USA (Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were both Masons), and show how Masonic symbols are integral to the buildings and streets of Washington DC. The Secret Symbol also demonstrates the Masons' long and colourful history, with links to the Knights Templar, the Occult, the Kaballah and the Temple of Solomon, as well as to other secret societies such as the Illuminati - all featured heavily in Dan Brown's other novels. It is a gripping introduction to a powerful and secretive world.
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