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For most of its life, the web has been a two-dimensional medium, with pages...
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Страници 172
Език английски
Година 2002
ID на книга 50089293
ISBN 9781856692939
Категории Компютри и графичен дизайн

For most of its life, the web has been a two-dimensional medium, with pages consisting of text and images. Now, however, web 3D is about to take off, thanks to the rollout of broadband internet access and a range of new technologies being made available to web designers. This book shows the cutting-edge work currently being produced. It looks at immersive 3D worlds which allow users to chat and move around virtual environments; the use of 3D technology as a navigational metaphor for sites; 3D representations of merchandise on e-commerce sites; and animated 3D work, for example, on sports websites. In-depth case studies will highlight the cutting-edge of current web 3D, for example, Habbo Hotel (Sulake Oy, Finland), MTV2 (Digit, UK), Oradnet football highlights (Orad, Israel), the work of Future Farmers (US) and Me Company's experiments with 3D typography (UK). Each case study will describe the project and the technology used to create it, with commentary from the designers. A 'future developments' section will draw on the world's top 3D experts and web designers to explore how web 3D will develop in the future.
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