SCORSESE ON SCORSESE. (Ian Christie), “ff“

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Now fully updated, Scorsese on Scorsese is the definitive study of America’s...
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Автор Ian Christie
страници 325
Език английски
година 2003
Издателство Faber and Faber
ID на книга 27222002
ISBN 9780571220021
Категории Кино, филми, театър

Now fully updated, Scorsese on Scorsese is the definitive study of America’s foremost film director, including new chapters on Kundun, Bringing Out the Dead, the documentary My Voyage to Italy, and the epic Gangs of New York. True to its title, this book offers Martin Scorsese in his own words: through a career-length interview in which he recalls his upbringing in New York’s Little Italy, and explains the inspiration and creation of his many great movies. The result is an incomparable insight into a body of work that is the most personal achievement in modern American cinema. Scorsese proves himself to be a terrifically articulate artist, whether recounting the many battles to get his movies made, his supreme passion for the medium of film itself, or the roots of his long-time creative partnership with actor Robert De Niro. Scorsese on Scorsese also contains a complete filmography, and a wealth of behind-the-scenes stills and sketches from Scorsese's own collection.
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