ROADSIDE AMERICA: 365 Days. (L.Lewis), HB

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In Style hailed Lucinda Lewis's Roadside America as a ride through the history...
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Автор L.Lewis
Страници 732
Език английски
Година 2003
Дата на получаване 15.06.2007 г.
Издателство Abrams
ID на книга 20704540
ISBN 9780810945401
Категории Албуми

In Style hailed Lucinda Lewis's Roadside America as a ride through the history of the automobile--for those who lust for the open road. Time magazine said that her elegant images of classic cars magically transport the reader to the intersection of Nostalgia Road and Dream Drive. Now, building on the success of that evocative celebration of America's love affair with the automobile, comes Roadside America: 365 Days--a year's worth of fabulous automobiles from all eras. Fans of vintage cars will surely find their favorites among the Packards and Cadillacs, woodies and pickups, Edsels and Bel-Airs, Corvettes and Thunderbirds, hot rods and muscle cars--all shown in glorious full color by one of the world's premier automobile photographers. Peppered with quotes from those who traveled the country's fabled roads in the days before interstates and chain restaurants, when the journey look longer but was richer for the experience, this irresistible volume--in the enormously popular format of Abrams' Earth from Above: 365 Days and The Universe: 365 Days--is the ideal gift book for every classic-car enthusiast and anyone interested in America's fabulous and fast-fading roadside culture.
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